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Praxis Research Consulting

Charles S. Wilcox, Ph.D., M.P.A., M.B.A.

As a Research Consultant leveraging more than 40 years of experience, a central focus of my endeavors includes a wide array of clinical trials in the CNS arena. I have partnered with more than 100 pharmaceutical companies on more than 900 study protocols, joining forces with industry leaders on a number of scientific panels, as well as serving as a Distinguished Speaker for the Alzheimer's Association.   

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with key opinion leaders and colleagues, contributing to a number of publications and presentations.

This Consultant role is a culmination of years of research experience with a desire to give back to the community.  I am positioned to be creative, collaborative, and open-minded in research-related endeavors and invite you to learn more about my work below.

My Research

Success vis-a-vis Proactive Strategic Problem-Solving

As the founder of one of the first independent, full-time, CNS clinical research sites, our research team(s) rapidly distinguished ourselves as being able to conduct large and complex studies in a timely and well-executed manner. While some of our earlier work led to the commercial availability of antidepressants like Prozac, Paxil and Celexa, along with anxiolytics such as Xanax, BuSpar and Effexor, we were also strong contributors leading to the successful NDAs for Aricept and Namenda, including stellar regulatory agency reviews. 

As early as 1995 we were presenting leading edge methodological pharmacogenomics-related recommendations to the pharmaceutical, regulatory and scientific communities. In tandem, it was also in the 1990's when we were pro-actively articulating the disproportionate under-representation of ethnic diversity in CNS studies. Additionally, we were providing proven solutions to the significant challenges associated with more comprehensive inclusion, when protocol criteria were becoming increasingly restrictive.

Fast-forward to this most recent decade [2010-2019] and, here too, we were identifying critically important factors contributing to the "Failed Studies Phenomenon" - advocating methodological and procedural solutions based on enhanced collaboration amongst clinicians, sponsors, regulators and legislators as well.

For a detailed history of my Professional and Academic history, including Presentations and Publications, please view my Curriculum Vitae.

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Contact Me

1400 Quail Street, Suite 285
Newport Beach, Orange County 92660

(949) 877-6103

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